On Blind Spots

For the twelve years I have been mastering the craft of Haircoloring, I have been obsessed with the backs of heads.  Most who know me, know this.  I have always felt that this was one major difference between decent/OK Haircolor and GREAT Haircolor.  Many clients comment, when I am consulting, that the back of their head doesn’t matter because they can’t see it.  They will often say that they don’t ever look at it.  And I will typically offer a differing point of view by showing it to them and in the process of working with me, I will make it better.  The fact is that it does matter because everyone else sees it!  Many hairdressers cut corners on the backs of heads.  Why? Because they can, because the client doesn’t necessarily notice.  And therein lies the distinction between a high end salon and everywhere else.  One would hope.

For many years I was a Road Warrior, traveling for my career as a corporate trainer teaching Haircolor for a major company.  Inevitably, insufferably, I would be staring at the backs of heads on airplane ride after airplane ride, fantasizing about how to fix them.  I would dream about setting up a “911 Salon” at airports where I could just pull a client into and show them how good it could be!  I used my thoughts on this subject to teach and hopefully, open Hairdressers eyes to higher achievement in our craft.  Into my 10th year (10,000 hour mark of mastery according to Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers) I began to see the psychological connection between the backs of heads and our own blind spots as people.

My years behind the chair are largely spent in deep conversations with clients and what makes this relationship so meaningful and satisfying, is the time spent in dialogue and discussion about our paths, choices and often our weaknesses.  We cover all subjects but I am often led to the same conclusion as my time spent staring at the backs of heads-that there are things so obvious to others but completely blind to ourselves.  I include myself in this of course and I have come to believe that we all have blind spots, as obvious as the bad back of head Haircolor.  This is the spirit of this blog and of my life’s work at the moment.  How to maneuver through the seemingly obvious in the areas of fashion, romance and parenting.


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